Top Free Soccer Prediction Sites 2021

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Best Free Soccer Prediction and Football Betting Tips Websites 2021

Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. In all ways, soccer appears to be there with a huge following. Football is said to be what unites the world with competitions such as the World Cup bringing people together irrespective of countries and races.

It is the same in betting, soccer is the most popular sport that bettors tend to put their money on the most for returns. The optimism, the fire, the enthusiasm to win has begotten this article.

We will satisfy your curiosity to find out the best soccer prediction sites that can give accurate soccer predictions alongside football betting tips, so here we go.

What is Soccer Prediction?

Soccer bet predictions have to do with foretelling the results of a soccer match for betting purposes. For example, there is an EPL match to be played between Chelsea FC and Liverpool. Considering there are different bet options available for this match, if we say the outcome will be a Chelsea win by 2 goals to 1 score line, what we have just made is a soccer prediction.

There are a lot of uncertainties with soccer bet predictions. Because this is a game been played by 22 people with a human referee at the center of it all hence, there are many unexpected scenarios that may arise. But even with these uncertainties, there are those who are skilled in predicting the outcome of games accurately. Bet prediction sites have their ways around these things.

So why soccer prediction? What is the need for it?

Soccer betting predictions started way back, for as long as soccer has. It was borne out of the desire to win. Every bettor aims to put money into a game and get the reward for it, hence the need for people and platforms that use different statistical methods to predict the possible winners of a game.

There are many paid soccer prediction platforms as well as free ones. The focus is to take you through the most accurate of them all, but why not take a look at the popular types of football bet markets first.

How to Predict Soccer

Bet predictions cannot be made in isolation without putting other things such as the team’s results overtime, their attacking and defensive strengths etc. into consideration first. After knowing the teams' strengths and weaknesses based on data, you can make the days bet predictions.

Free Soccer Betting Prediction Sites 2021

The following are our pick of the leading soccer betting tips and prediction sites that usually predict football matches correctly. Here you can find legit daily and weekly tips and predictions on almost all soccer competitions in the world including the popular UEFA Champions league, EPL, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga.

All these tips and predictions are available to you for free on these soccer prediction sites. So, if you are looking out for an accurate football predictions website, here are 10 for you.


This site is respected as one of the best free soccer prediction sites. To buttress this point, there is a space on the site for reviews ,and the feedback given by users who have used the site’s predictions says it all.



Is not just a regular site, this website provides some of the most accurate bet predictions, free tips, team information and more. It covers a lot of competitions including Laliga, Bundesliga, Premier League and so on.


Forebet is known to give accurate football predictions daily. Once it's a match week you can count on Forebet. There are even chances of getting in touch with customer support and setting the site to your language. The site also gives live predictions of ongoing games.


This was formerly known as SoccerVista and is on another terrain entirely. They have both a website and an app. Interesting. If you're looking for the best soccer stats, you'll find it there although the focus is mainly on European matches. For a site that's been around since 1999, BetExplorer remains one of the best.


CediBet Blog

This is the official blog for You will get informative articles on soccer betting that will help you win more.

Other Soccer prediction sites to look out for on the net include:

  1. The sports betting community
  2. Predict
  3. SportyTrader
  4. Stakegains
  5. Tips180
  6. PrimaTips

Soccer predictions for today are seen on these sites because they give daily predictions based on ongoing games.

Types of Soccer Bet Markets

There are different types of bets associated with soccer the same as there are many matches to bet on every week. All bet prediction sites include these bet types when making predictions. Why not take a look at the most common types you will find around.

Match Bet

Selecting the match bet type is like the simplest form of betting that bettors use. You only bet on the result of the match, i.e., bet on the home or away team to win or the match to end in a draw. Match bet winnings have to wait until the 90 minutes are over before it can be paid.

Here is an example. A bettor is bets on Man City to draw a match against Aston Villa (soccer predictions for today). At the end of 90 minutes, the teams draw, but extra time is played and during this time, Aston Villa score a goal. The placed bet is still won regardless of the extra-time goal because the game ended in a draw after 90 minutes.

Asian Handicap Betting

In handicap betting, there is either a whole goal or a half goal handicap. A whole goal is expressed by a + or – whole number (example +1 or -1). The half goal can be seen as a + or - .5 (example +1.5 or -1.5). The half goal, placing your bets on Liverpool -1.5 against Aston Villa means that they must win by a 2-goal gap for your bets to come through.

A win by less, and you've lost. Half goal handicap betting means there can never be a draw at all. The whole goal handicaps betting. On the other hand, they must win by 2 margins or more. If they win by less or they draw, you can get your stake back.

Double Chance

Double chance, although close to the match bet, follows a double outcome trend. So, let us say, for example, that in our soccer predictions for today, two teams Liverpool and Aston Villa, are playing a match, and you want to use the double chance method. You will carry Liverpool for a "win or draw" instead of just a "win" or a "draw."

Double chance helps players to reduce their chances of losing a game. There are other things you can go for in a double chance, but it has to be double predictions on a single game. Knowing that the possibility of one common through for you is huge.

Correct Score

Well, just as it sounds, the correct score is predicting the score that a team will end up with. For example, if you choose Aston Villa to win the match against Liverpool, you should also predict what the match will end up with, how many goals the winning team will score. Maybe the game will end a 2:1, 1:0, 3:2, etc.

Draw or No bet

In this bet prediction, you are picking a home or away win. This means that there should be a double chance or match bet; you are still in between your odds. When there is a draw, you get your money back.


Accumulators have become popular over the years. Once you see a long list of games selected over a week, that is an accumulator bet. Accumulator bets select several bets with different odds. It is quite a technical type, and that is why some bookies give Acca insurance on them. You could get part of your money back if you lose by one game. The rule of an accumulator is that you must win all games selected. Accumulators are hard to win. Most times, it may be a game or two that messed up the whole selection.

Best Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer betting or putting money into soccer games without any strategy is just like going on a money wasting spree. If you want to be a successful bettor, you need an up-to-date strategy, gameplan and good football betting tips. Over time you get to tailor your strategy based on your experience. Whether it is a soccer betting prediction for today or soccer betting predictions for tomorrow, these football betting tips stand and would remain helpful.

  1. Try to bet more on corners. Although this is in no way a new betting tip, it is one that, if mastered, can guarantee you winnings. Any good soccer prediction site would tell you this. Take note of the attacking and defending strategies of both teams.

  2. Betting on double chance minimizes your chances of losing a game and increases your chances of winning. This is a top betting strategy that players use .You do need to place a high amount of money on these bets, though, if you are serious about cashing out good money.

  3. In our special football betting tip for today, we encourage you bet on number of goals. For example, two big teams playing may mean a limited number of goals. A good way to do this is to research each team's past goals. Knowing these can increase your chances of right soccer game predictions.


Soccer is a game of strategy, rules and tactics hence, it’s simply unadvisable to bet on games without prior knowledge of team statistic. The need for soccer predictions goes hand in hand with the strategies to win. Having explained in detail what football predictions are all about and with the best football prediction sites listed, you are now well on your way to becoming a successful bettor.