How to Make Real Money through Sports Betting In Ghana

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How to Make Real Money through Sports Betting In Ghana

Sports betting may sound like a joke to many people. And to the sceptics, they may either tag it as a scam or an unreal business. Depending on where you stand on the divide, you have either benefitted from the numerous gains of sports betting or you have lost a huge sum of money to sports betting and hence decided to take a break.

The truth is simple! Sports betting is a form of gambling. And in every gamble, some people win while others lose. So, it is certain to expect losses and wins from sports betting.
However, many people have found and developed ways and strategies to make good cash from sports betting even in G# How to Make Real Money through Sports Betting In Ghana
hana. Irrespective of your location, age, or gender, you can still make a grand volume of cash through sports betting.

So the big question is: how can you make real money through Sports Betting in Ghana? This article attempts to provide a reliable solution to your query.Here, we will take you through the basics of sports betting and how to make good returns on betting as a Ghanaian.

How to Register and Start Betting in Ghana

The first step in the sports betting process is the selection of a bookmaker or a betting platform where you’d place all your bets. More than anything, it is important for you to select a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient bookmaker for all your bets. Luckily, has all these qualities.

So, the next step is for you to visit the signup page by clicking on ‘Signup’. Then you enter your preferred account details including your mobile money number, your password, username, and all other details.

Once you have created your account successfully, you are ready for the next big step in your quest to become a winning bet punter.

How to place your first bet

To be able to place your first bet, you need to deposit a good amount of money in your account. Preferably, anything more than GHS 10. After successfully depositing that amount in your bet account, using Mobile money, you can now proceed to place your first bet. You can check out our article on How to Make a Deposit.

Go on to select the team(s) you want to place your bet on. You can check by browsing through the leagues, competitions, or by just searching the name of the club directly in the search box.

Be sure to select the best odds that are likely to happen based on your research and information available to you. If you are new to betting, you can check out our list of Top Free Betting Tips Sites in Ghana.

After selecting your odds successfully, you can now proceed to put in your stake amount and then book your bet.

How to Place Your Bets Right

Placing your bet is not just enough. But the best thing to do is to place your bets right. That way, you know you are reducing the risk of losing to the smallest degree.
For most people, selecting their team to bet on and selecting the outcome to bet on is the most important part of their betting decision-making.

However, this is a flawed view held by many people. Just like selecting your odds, placing your bet right is also one of the most important parts of your betting process.
Imagine getting the right odds and then placing them wrongly. You’ll still lose money.

How do you place your bets right?

1. Make sure that you select the right team

Many teams bear similar names in the world. So in the cause of selecting your team for betting, you may end up selecting a different team altogether.

So be sure to select the exact team you want to bet on. Sometimes, the main teams and their junior teams play at the same time. So you may end up betting on the Under 19 or under 21 sides of your preferred team.

2. Don’t select multiple outcomes for the same event on your bet slip

Most people end up selecting multiple outcomes for the same game without realizing it. For instance, someone may end up selecting a straight win for team A. And then go round to select both teams to score for the same game.

This usually happens to those who bet on multiple events without a proper plan. If you do this, your bet may end up becoming a permutation hence increasing your bet amount and reducing your win returns.

3. Too many selections equal higher risks

The longer your bet slip looks, the higher the odds but the more likely you are to lose money. It’s best to keep your bet slips very simple with a maximum of up to 5 games per slip.

Mistakes Most Punters Make To Lose Money

There are some major mistakes that most people make while placing their bets. These mistakes end up affecting them adversely.

Betting is a very delicate investment such that every little mistake could end up ruining your chances of making any gains at all. We shall cover some of the key mistakes most punters make which cause them to lose money through sports betting.

If you want to be successful through this form of gambling, then you should endeavour to stay away from making the mistakes being mentioned here.

1. Having unrealistic expectations at all times

Most punters end up conceiving some largely impossible ideas in their heads before they place their bets. Bet is a matter of chance.

So, building high hopes and dreams on any bet you place would only mean you are building castles in the air. Always set your mind at ease with your bets and expect to lose as much as you expect to win.

2. Betting on many sports activities

Being the jack of all trades and master of none doesn’t work with Sports Betting. You should be able to select a particular sporting discipline in which you would master and place all your bets on.
Most times, punters tend to create a cocktail of events on their bet slips. This only increases your risks and makes winning a lot more difficult for you.

3. Betting on your favorite team all the time

Betting is pure business. You invest money to recoup it with interest. So, betting on your favorite team every other week because it is your team and you don’t want them to lose doesn’t make any sense in gambling.

If your team isn’t performing well, you should know. Your bet won’t make them win or lose. It’s their form and enthusiasm which determines that. If you keep betting on your team even in matches that you are certain that they’ll lose, then you are not betting for money.
Maybe you’re just doing it for fun. To keep making money from betting, you need to see the whole thing as a business venture.

4. Betting Out Of Desperation

This is one of the most common mistakes we all make as punters. You’ve probably had some good luck with bets over the week, winning 5 out of 5 bets over the week. You’re now certain that you can win any bet you place. So you now want to multiply your money even more.

In an attempt to do that, you scroll through the matches available for the day and pick out some teams randomly because there are no known matches within that period. Some people even try to live betting on unknown teams just because they feel like superheroes.
The truth is that most of the time, such adventurous bets end up producing reds. The more desperate you are in such times, the more likely you are to wipe your account clean.

5. Failing To Cashout When It’s A Clear Call

For most bets, there is an option to cash out. However, some punters out of greed and sheer desperation decide not to cash out even when it’s clear that they might lose their bet altogether.

Cashout is available based on the progress of your selected games. If your game is going well and in your favour, your Cashout value may increase and even go higher than your wager value.

As a punter, you should be able to check very well to find out when it’s best for you to Cashout. It’s a bad habit to hope for a full win when you can actually withdraw the available Cashout and still make some returns on your wager amount.
It takes lots of self-discipline and vision to be able to determine when to Cashout and when not to.


Betting is a great way to make lots of money online from everywhere in the world including Ghana. With many youth and elderly venturing into sports betting today, many people are finding it difficult to find the right way to stake bets and make real money.

This largely depends on some strategies and mistakes which punters repeat before, during, and after placing their bets. Some of these as discussed above include desperation, betting on your team all the time, extremely unrealistic expectations amongst many others.

With the strategies listed above, you can start making good and real money from sports betting here in Ghana.