How to generate side income from soccer betting 2021

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How to generate side income from soccer betting


It is not a gainsaying that the betting sphere has also expanded together with the advancement of society. There are a whole lot of betting platforms around today. And these platforms for-instance CediBet, which is Ghana’s premiere home-grown betting platform, are actively serving punters with exciting betting experiences on their respective platforms.

Bettors today have become more interested in betting on sporting activities, especially soccer bet online. It’s no wonder, since soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world. And in most countries, you can only find a large audience of bettors playing soccer bet. A known fact is that generally speaking, football as it is also called has grown in popularity because of the fun, thrills and emotions it arouses in people; hence the reason for having a large fanbase (an estimated 4.0 billion global followership).

Soccer betting is very widespread today for many reasons. One of them is that soccer bet is relatively easy and simple to start, and offers an opportunity to make some cash.
Although not very easy to get rich from, hence the need to gamble responsibly- bettors can actually make a decent side income with precise knowledge, a continued learning attitude(research), and proper guidance. We are here to help both beginners and experienced players to successfully make a side income through soccer betting. Take a deep breath and follow!

How to Make Side Income from Soccer Bet

Now, let us put our spotlight on the ways or strategies you need to make a side income from football bet.

Soccer is indeed fun-filled, but soccer bet online is different. Playing and winning a soccer bet can be quite intense. For instance, the margin of error amongst soccer players and soccer teams is a thin one, such that a player's performance can disarray your bet.

However, we believe it isn't an impossibility to play and win soccer bets at close on a regular basis. There are ways and strategies that we think would be of help to you. Adopting and learning these strategies can help you know how to keep the odds in your favor and help you make a side income.

Understand odds and how they are calculated

The first thing is to understand what odds are and how they are calculated. Odds basically indicate how likely a given event can happen and are mostly expressed in fractional and decimal forms. A higher odd means the probability or likelihood of the event occurring is low whilst a lower odd indicates a higher probability the event might happen.

So, for example, odds of 2.0 or 2/1 means for every GHS 1 you bet you will win GHS 2.
Furthermore, it is important you also know that the odds can change, especially during the lead-up to a match. Meaning a bookie can decide to narrow down the odds because a market is popular or because a top player is injured. Understanding all these will set you up in deciding on when and how best to play your soccer bets.

Understand soccer bet types: In soccer bet online, different wagers can be placed as there is a wide variety of them. You could decide to bet on Handicap, Corners, Goals scored, free kicks, double chance, draw no bet and so much more. Meaning there are different types of bets you need to know about. This will provide major profit-making opportunities for you.

Keep a Betting Record

Record keeping is a great way to monitor or track your soccer bets and can help you optimize your performance when playing soccer bets. It again helps you as a bettor to manage your bankroll, that is, the amount you have set aside for betting. Because if your bankroll is not properly managed, spending can get out of control due to negligence in monitoring your bets.

So, what are some of the things that should be in your records? They are; your wins and losses, money placed on each soccer bet, the total amount of wins and losses, and bookmakers utilized on each soccer bet. These details are important records that must be cross-examined for bettors to have a direction as to what kind of strategies they can develop for consequent betting.

Understand Value Betting

Using your knowledge and discretion on your quest for value is for you to simply look for bookies that offer better odds. If a soccer bet is priced for less it’s worth that is, the probability of occurring is less than it should be then it offers value. This is what is known as value betting. Although a loss might come, you will have higher returns if you are right.

It must be said though that betting on value isn’t the same as betting on favorites. Of course, odds on favorites are more likely to win than but that doesn’t mean they offer value. Therefore, your ability to spot value is the same as your ability to consistently and systematically spot favorable odds – and, at the same time, making use of them.

It can be hard to spot value, but once you practice and have gained consistency in identifying value, you definitely will have a regular edge. Looking to start betting on real value, then CediBet is just the platform you need. They offer the most competitive odds that will surely boost your win margin.

Knowledge of Soccer

Before placing a soccer bet, it is important you know all the necessary details about the game. That is, details about your team and the opponent(s). You must be able to vividly look at or ask the following questions about the teams; how are their current performances and results? How good are their attack and defense? What are the records of injuries? These questions, when pondered on and considered, will help you make better- and well-informed decisions.

Of course, from the above discourse, it means that you would have to be given to watching, if possible, many live soccer games. This is a very helpful strategy if you must generate regular side income from football betting.

Placing Soccer Bets on Short Odds

Placing soccer bets on short odds, i.e., odds that are less the 2.00, is profitable. The truth is that the wins or income from them might come in small, but bettors are assured of its regularity. Many punters are keen to always back the underdogs with higher odds. However, the benefit of short odds is that these odds offer more valued odds on the underdogs.

Knowledge of Basic Math

You do not need to be a mathematician but knowing math basis is very important if you are going to be successful at soccer betting. Soccer betting is statistical; it is a numbers game. Therefore, you as a bettor must have an adequate acquaintance with multiplication and division.

Soccer Bet Online Tips

For those considering playing soccer bets, the good news is that soccer betting is not very difficult. There are just a few things you, as a beginner need to know.

Choose specifics to bet on: Of course, knowing how to choose and what you should bet on is not an easy task especially since there are a plethora of soccer competitions and leagues around. You may be tempted to wager on so many different leagues. This could be right if you have a vast knowledge of world soccer but if that is not the case, simply focusing on just a few betting markets would be easier.

Refrain from betting on your favorite team all the time: One mistake many bettors make is actually betting on their favorite team regardless of poor form, injuries and H2H. Threading this line might cause you to lose your bets and money

Understand Factors to consider when making selections: The heat begins when it comes to making decisions. You must understand underlying factors that have the potential to affect soccer matches. These factors may include schedules, overall quality, injuries and current form. If you can discern these factors, making well-informed decisions will not be a problem.

These factors should be meticulously considered by new bettors and even those who are not new to soccer bet if they want to make side income on football betting. Playing a soccer bet online requires dealing with these factors intelligently and with tenacity. Yes, it is quite simple to start and one may be so eager and excited at the beginning. But still, the road must be trod cautiously, especially with emphasis on the pointers provided so far (precise knowledge, seriousness, continued learning attitude, and proper guidance).

Functional Betting Bankroll

As a bettor, you need to start with a betting bankroll that can absorb losses if you want to make side income for soccer betting. For example, if you chose to bet in units, probably an average of 1 unit, a bankroll with a minimum of 50 units would be a fitting recommendation.

Betting Markets

You must understand all betting markets. It will help you to make sound judgments, devoid of unnecessary mistakes, and not miss opportunities to win. In the betting market, there are other types of soccer bets available for you to explore.

● Double chance
This bet is easy to win, however, with smaller odds. It is a play-on-match result bet.

● Over and Under goals
Here, what matters is the number of goals scored in a game. The focus is not on who wins a match.

● BTTS result
This one is similar to the match result bet. The only thing is that both teams must score in the match. It's the long odds and the tougher bet to win.


Betting sometimes can be about luck. However, the above information and strategies given should indeed help you win at sports betting hence, making you a decent side income. Don't forget this; the goal is to make "side income." Therefore, even if you have some rough days, it is not a means to give up or change what works or what often gives you wins. Above all these, you must maintain focus and discipline, know when to stop, and gamble responsibly.

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