5 Best Tips To Help You Win Soccer Bets Regularly In Ghana

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5 Best Tips To Help You Win Soccer Bets Regularly In Ghana

Betting is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money on the internet today. Within a few minutes or hours, you can turn a few cedis into thousands of cedis here in Ghana with the right options.

Whether you are a big-time punter or a newbie in the gambling and betting world, it could still be a challenging field to attain maximum success. With numerous events listed daily and countless options available for each event, it could be a huge tussle for you to make maximum gains from placing bets on such events.

However, this should not be entirely impossible if you play your cards well. There are still a good number of people out there who have made huge earnings from placing sports bets. Also, most of these people win bets every other day.

So the big question is: what are the right cards and how do you play them to succeed in this industry? In this article, we shall look at 5 tips to help you win soccer bets regularly on CediBet and all other bookmarkers.

Betting can either be your full-time job or a part-time occupation which pays you lots of money if you do things right and you find the best tricks for it. You don’t need to depend on luck to win your bets if you know what you are doing. It’s mostly a mixture of tricks, strategy, and statistics. So, what are the tricks for winning bets in Ghana?

Let’s talk about our tips right below in the following paragraphs.

Take advantage of bonuses

There are numerous bookmakers in the betting industry in Ghana today. Every single day, newer platforms keep springing up both offline and online. The beauty of the immense competition in the gaming industry is that stakers or punters are highly advantaged.

Various bookmarkers come with different bonus packages to attract new punters to join their platforms. This creates a great opportunity for smart and efficient punters to make gains without actually spending their cash.

For most bookmarkers, there is a first-time deposit bonus ranging from 50% to 200% depending on the platform. Check out CediBet's Welcome Bonus Offer which gives you 50% bonus up to Ghs 250 on your first deposit. Apart from the first-time deposit bonus, there are other promotional bonuses made available by these bookmarkers.

As someone seeking to achieve max success with soccer betting, you should be ready to take advantage of these bonuses to stake your bets. When done properly, you can win your first bet on a bookmarker’s platform without spending your cash.

So yes, the first rule is for you to keep your eyes on various bonuses and take advantage of them as they come by.

Create a separate budget for betting

Like the stock market and forex trading, soccer betting is also an investment. You invest money in various odds with the expectation to make some good returns. So, whatever caution you need to take with highly-risky investment ventures such as the Money market, you should apply the same to your betting career.

For most events on the betting market, there is a 50% chance of winning; which leaves a 50% chance of losing. Therefore, nothing in betting is all cut and dry. You need to prepare a budget for betting just as you’d do for your feeding, transportation, and rent. You can either choose to have a weekly betting budget or a monthly betting budget.

With a budget, you can control how much you spend on a bet so that it doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day living. Don’t cut out a huge chunk of your earnings for betting. You still need to pay for other things, especially your basic needs.

It is advisable to spend between 10 to 20% of your monthly earning on the bet if you wish to pursue it as an extra source of income. Anything more than that is likely to affect your expenditure and disrupt your day-to-day living.

The golden rule says: Don’t stake with an amount you are not willing to lose!

Keep Accurate records of your bets

To succeed as a bet punter, you should be willing to treat this as a business. One major thing in business administration and management is record-keeping. If you are treating your betting career as a business, then you should consider record-keeping as an important aspect of your journey.

You can keep a small note where you keep a record of how much you have spent within the week and how much you have won. This gives you a fair view of how much profit or losses you are making. It also gives you an overview of the various events and options that are producing better results.

This further helps you to restructure your future bets to increase the efficiency of your bets. Though the majority of betting outcomes depend on luck, a large number of them can be determined based on proper analysis and trends. If you are good at record-keeping, you should have it easy to identify such analysis and trends.

Interestingly, bookmarkers have an in-app feature that organizes all your bets into wins and losses so you can just check there to see what you’ve won and what you’ve lost. If you want a clearer view of what works for you, you can create an extended version of these reports on your phone or a handy notebook.

Do Lots of Research

You can’t start a business without researching its profitability or its threats and opportunities. Treating your betting career as a business will give you the spirit to always do intensive research before you decide on which event to place your bets on.

There are numerous websites and applications in Ghana which enable you to discover winning trends and team news about various teams on a daily basis. Your favorite bookmarkers consider all these news and statistics when settling on odds for various events. Therefore, without equipping yourself with such knowledge, you may fall prey to their heavy traps.

The more research you do, the more knowledgeable you become with team news, game statistics, and the more tricks you discover. The difference between a successful punter and an amateur punter is the effort put into research and skills development.

If you want to be successful with soccer betting in Ghana and you want to consider making huge returns, then you should endeavor to add more soccer statistics and news platforms to your tools list.

Look for Undervalued Events

One mistake amateur punters make is that they rely on the odds to place their bets. The smaller the odds, the more likely it is to happen, and the higher the odds are, the less likely it is to happen. Well, if you bet with this ideology, chances are that you are doing it the wrong way, the majority of the time.

While that ideology may work for very popular leagues and competitions, it doesn’t always work for lesser-known leagues and competitions. Bookmarkers create odds based on what public perceptions are about games. They give the smaller odd to the option which the public is more likely to go for.

Now, the case is different from lesser-known teams and competitions. Apart from the top leagues in Europe, most other leagues are considered to be lesser-known. As such, matches within such leagues may not ideally reflect public opinion.

As a punter seeking to make good cash from your bet investments, you should look for lesser-known teams that have been undervalued and stake your bets on them.

Of course, research and statistics come to play here as well. You need to be able to follow the teams to find out their current form, team news, and what they are capable of doing. This will inform your decision to select a certain event as being undervalued. Then you can stake your bet on that event and wait for the greens.


Sports betting is one of the leading ways people make money online today. Without so much hustle or stress, you can make good cash through sports betting. Within 90 minutes, you can either make returns on your stake or lose your stake altogether. This makes it a very risky venture as much as it is extremely profitable.

The difference between being a successful punter and being a failure is very thin. Someone can spend many years placing bets and never get to win anything significant. Same way, someone can start betting in a few weeks and make good returns.

While many people liken betting success to luck, the majority of it depends on strategies and knowledge. We are hopeful that the five tips and strategies listed above will guide you on your quest to becoming a successful punter in Ghana.

You may also read other proven betting tips and strategies from successful punters online. Remember that Betting is a highly risky business and so requires that you equip yourself with enough knowledge and skills.

Finally, for as much as you can lose all your savings through betting, you can also make a fortune through betting. You just need to play the right cards and at the right time too.